Thursday, November 8, 2007

Looking back at Chemawa

yo! i'm finally writing on this spot...i was encouraged from so many experiences thus far at Chemawa as well as reading a couple friends' blogs regularly-shouts to Yasmin and Brenda. :D

anywhoo i've been wanting to journal and express what's been going on at Chemawa. i do wanna say that it is not easy but such a great job with many consistent rewards from students, tutors, and staff.

two students i met earlier in the year, Tana, and Chris, i hardly spoke to for several weeks, only saying hello and recognizing their face each day. i remember sitting down with chris and his friend patrick now and then, just chatting, catching a laugh. i also remember messing up the pronounciation of Tana's name EVERY day.hehe. she was probably really annoyed cuz i asked all the time and tried to pronouce and always did it wrong.

later in the term though, one night, both of them just brought chairs to the desk where i work and chilled with me. they continued that each day that week. by the end we had nicknames and a family name...hehe..Chris 'C-Honey', Tana 'T-Bucks', and i 'Liz' TLC. that was good times-we bonded and clowned on each other a lot.

a new term started 3 weeks ago, started rather normally, got to see a few students i met last year, Maureen and Patches. it was fun to reunite with them--i was excited to see them, but not excited that they were on the mandatory list. we had a fun first day together and also worked on writing paragraphs-so sucessful times 2. :)

last week was spirit week-lots of fun and entertainment-crazy games and relays and meeting up with students i know and just chattin, chillin--good bonding times. Marla 'Daddy'and her friend Creanna, Maureen, Patches, Samantha, Tana and Tylynn, etc. Cool people! Got candy beamed at us!! hehe

this week, today, definately the best day--spoke with new students, laughed from the start, with some of favorite tutors and lots of people came to tutoring tonight--lots of work with a positive mood. i met Becenti, Victor, Rene, and Daniel...saw Maureen and Patches again today :D. i hadn't seen them in a bit.

but yea...Becenti and Victor came in after having scarfed down pizza on the way over and started talkin amongst themselves about pizza-stained passes. i picked up on it quick and said "We don't accept stained passes". :) i got a look like what but then they picked up on my humor quick. it was a joke the rest of the night..i got the background the stains later on after i kept trying to get to know them. i even was like "daaaaaang...did ya'll use it to wipe ur mouth" and picked up the passes and made the motions. i just act a fool to get some laughs. hehe we all busted up. we talked about their grades and what they could do about it. anna gave them each multiplication worksheets after a while of chattin about school, life, and such. they were trying to go the whole time too--"we don't have any work, can we go?" hehe..NO! but yea they ended up stayin almost the whole time, working, behaving, and tellin stories about life and good stuff like that. i met Daniel and Rene too and we talked about where we're from. they were curious about my accent, which gets stronger when i try to talk faster and around people that remind me of old days...haha "are you from texas? tennessee?" naw...but i lived in Georgia. we talked about my ma and the army==bout adventures and life then they all headed out. hope i see them again..end of term is next week and the students have some work to make up and i hope they get it in so they can pass their classes.

i'm out cuz my battery is about to die.
L8r(sumethin i picked up from Chemawa)....